'Grosse Pointe Antifa' inspires memes, shirt and day-long mirth

November 19, 2020, 12:26 PM

We need a laugh these days, and the unlikely specter of anti-fascist troublemakers in Grosse Pointe dangles as low-hanging sweetness.

The phrase surfaces early Thursday in a tweet by freelance reporter Kayla Ruble, who says Monica Palmer, a Republican on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, claims in a text message that she's threatened by "Antifa from Grosse Pointe" for her initial vote against certifying Detroit ballots this week.

Our coverageJournalist Shares Threats to Wayne Canvass Board Member from 'Grosse Pointe Antifa'

Within a few hours, that wacky phrase was trending on Twitter because it's in more than 5,600 posts. 

Fast-moving opportunist Ryan Yepsen of Grosse Pointe, a 37-year-old Adobe project manager, hustles this T-shirt online with a nautical logo.  

"It only seems fair that that the infamous Grosse Pointe Antifa (GPA) have their own apparel to wear when driving their BMWs from their high end private high schools to the yacht club," Eli Newman comments on Twitter.

Other amateur comics treat that platform as an open-mic opportunity, with one-liners about madras camouflage and these:

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