'You disgust us:' Protesters hound Michigan Senate leader as he heads for Trump meeting

November 20, 2020, 9:25 AM

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey is on his way to an extraordinary meeting with Donald Trump as the president continues his crusade to undo the state's election results.

Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield will also join the Friday meeting.

Video posted to Twitter Friday morning showed demonstrators hounding Shirkey as he walked toward security at Detroit metro airport.

"You disgust us. This will not be forgotten," a woman says before leading the small group in chanting "protect our votes."

Protesters also confronted Shirkey at Reagan National Airport in Washington, CNN coverage shows.

Trump has leveled unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud since he lost Michigan to Joe Biden by more than 150,000 votes. His meeting with the lawmakers comes as four partisans prepare to decide whether to certify the state's election results on Monday. 

There have been mixed reports of what would happen in the event of a deadlock — whether it would trigger a court battle or let the Republican-controlled legislature choose a slate of electors that would send Michigan's 16 Electoral College votes to Trump.

No state legislature has ever appointed electors to support a candidate who lost the popular vote, Austin Sarat, a political science and jurisprudence professor at Amherst College, wrote in a column on the possible political crisis looming in Michigan.

In a cable news appearance Thursday night, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said of the Republican leaders, “If they are going there to undermine the results of this election and to disenfranchise Michigan voters and to embarrass the state of Michigan, what they are doing is dangerous."

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