Michigan marks grim Covid benchmarks: Over 350,000 cases and 9,000 deaths

November 28, 2020, 4:22 PM

Many more Michigan families are hit with an unsettling diagnosis or tragic outcome this holiday weekend.

The state's daily Covid update adds an astonishing 8,080 cases since Friday and 103 deaths, including 70 earlier ones now confirmed as pandemic-related.

(Graphic: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services)

Michigan's cumulative impact since March exceeds 350,000 coronavirus diagnoses and 9,000 fatalities. 

For perspective, 165,269 Covid patients are classified as recovered. That's 47.2% of the total. (The category covers those alive 30 days after diagnosis.)

Cases in 31 state prisons and two federal prisons in Milan and near Baldwin are among those counted by the Department of Heath and Human Services:

  • State inmates: 12,407 confirmed cases (3.5% of total) and 232 probable cases; 87 deaths

  • Federal inmates: 195 cases and five suspected ones; five deaths.

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