Michigan Covid cases rise 91% in 5 weeks; over 8,600 new diagnoses Friday

December 04, 2020, 5:02 PM

Numbing pandemic statistics, delivered daily from Lansing, can't be ignored -- even in a season when we'd rather focus on comfort and joy.

The latest figures add 8,689 confirmed Covid cases since Thursday and 81 deaths -- pushing the cumulative impact since March to 389,032 cases and 9,661 deaths. (More than 165,200 patients, 42.5% of the total, were classified as "recovered" as of last Friday. That category gets updated Saturday.)

Here's why hospitals and the state health department say a worrisome surge is under way:

  • Confirmed cases rose 91.5% (185,894 people) in the past five weeks -- from 203,138 cumulatively on Nov. 1 to 389,032.

  • Deaths rose 29.3% (2,190 victims) in that span -- from 7,464 at last month's start to 9,654.

County-level statistics and demographic breakdowns are displayed here by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Plague trend lines for the past five weeks. (Graphic: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services)

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