Michigan House speaker gets schooled on Twitter after shot at Covid business shutdowns

December 05, 2020, 3:59 PM by  Alan Stamm

Rep. Lee Chatfield, the state House speaker, posts a passive-agressive tweet about the governor's request for $300 million to fight the coronavirus into 2021 and help businesses.

The Republican pledges to "look at this and more, because they [businesses] need it." Still, he can't resist a shot at the three-week health department epidemic order keeping some sectors fully or partly idle at least through Tuesday -- longer for some, probably.

Lee Chatfield: "The best stimulus right now is allowing businesses to open." (Photo: Facebook)

"But honestly the best stimulus right now is allowing businesses to open their doors and operate safely," says Chatfield's tweet Saturday. "That’s what they want the most!"

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's spending proposal last Thursday follows her previous call for $100 million in direct aid to people and businesses hit hardest by the pandemic. It should be split evenly between families and small employers, Budget Director Chris Kolb said.

The call by Chatfield, a rural representative from Emmet County in the northwestern Lower Peninsula, for "allowing businesses to open" brings pointed pushback.

"What's keeping restaurants, bars and other businesses/public places closed isn't the governor or [health department]," tweets Sen. Mallory McMorrow. "It's the uncontrolled spread of #COVID19 overwhelming our healthcare system. Addressing the root cause = reopening safely."

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