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Michigan man wins suit against parents who destroyed $26K porn collection

December 18, 2020, 11:44 AM

A 42-year-old man whose parents destroyed an estimated $26,000 worth of porn and sex toys he left at their Grand Haven home has won a lawsuit forcing them to pay him back.

From the Holland Sentinel:

David Werking argued in the lawsuit that his parents’ destruction of the pornography constituted the property being converted into the parents’ “own use.” Judge Paul Maloney agreed with that argument, meaning the Werkings’ son is eligible to receive up to three times the monetary value of the destroyed property in damages.

Although a final judgment amount has not yet been determined, the Werking parents and son have until Feb. 16, 2021, to file written submissions on the amount of money owed for the destroyed pornographic materials.

The parents’ attorney, Anne VanderBroek, said she has requested a production of documents from the son’s attorney to help determine the costs of damages in the case ... she’s hired pornography expert Victoria Hartmann, the executive director of the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, to help determine those damages.

Werking's parents reportedly said they destroyed the materials because they thought some might be illegal. Local law enforcement reviewed, however, and found none of the materials included children.

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