Detroit activist stitching chip bags into blankets for the homeless

February 01, 2021, 2:47 PM

Erada Oleita (Photo: Instagram)

Eat chips, help the homeless.

That's the thought behind a Detroit woman's plan to stitch 60 blankets for the unhoused from empty bags of the fried potatoes. Eradajere Oleita tells CNN and Hour Detroit she got the idea from a woman in England who was doing the same. It takes about 150 empty chip bags to make one sleeping sack.

On her website, Oleita solicits empties and explains the rationale:

Foil lined chip bags are insulated, waterproof, and lightweight. The Chip bags will then be sealed together and lined with foam to provide cushioned insulated sleeping bags to help the less fortunate living outside to live (through) the Michigan winter.

The 25-year-old is a former land and water works ambassador at Americorps and student at Oakland Community College. She moved to Michigan from Nigeria in high school.


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Chip bag donations can be shipped or dropped off to: 

PO Box: ​The Chip Bag Project
13426 Schaefer Hwy #27258
Detroit, MI 48227

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