Gallery: Hundreds March in Grosse Pointe Park Against Hate and KKK Flag

February 21, 2021, 6:21 PM

Grosse Pointe Park march Feb. 19 (Photo: Michael Lucido)

Hundreds of people -- including adults, children, state lawmakers and city council members -- marched through Grosse Pointe Park Sunday afternoon in solidarity against an act of hate: A resident briefly displayed a KKK flag in the window of his home last Tuesday so a Black next door neighbor could see.

The marchers went up and down Wayburn Street where the white neighbor had hung the flag for hours before taking it down after police spoke to him. They then listened in a church parking lot to speeches from people including state Sen. Adam Hollier, Grosse Pointe Park Council member Darci McConnell, community activist and Deadline Detroit contributing columnist Greg Bowens and JeDonna Matthews Dinges, the Black neighbor who saw the flag. Some people marching saw the speeches on Facebook live.

Below are photos and a video with speeches from the event.

The sign says it all. (Photo: Michael Lucido)
Photo by Michael Lucido 

Grosse Pointe Park City Council Member Darci McConnell (Photo by Michael Lucido)

The protest included families (Photo by Nancy Derringer) 
Marching in the streets (Photo by Michael Lucido) 

The Black neighbor JeDonna Matthews Dinges speaks at rally (Photo by Greg Bowens)
A Black Lives Matter sign (Photo by Michael Lucido)
Photo by Michael Lucido 
Photo by Michael Lucido 


Posted by Greg Bowens on Sunday, February 21, 2021



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