Video: With Brawls, Cops and Partygoers, Detroit's Greektown Feels Strains

July 31, 2021, 12:11 AM

Greektown has long been a staple of downtown Detroit's nightlife. And on weekend nights, it has become a particularly popular hangout for young people. 

But in recent times it has been plagued by bad publicity -- brawls in the streets, little skirmishes and arrests of people with concealed weapons. Business owners say media coverage of the troubles has scared away some regulars.

The Detroit Police Department has responded with a heavy deployment of officers on weekends to keep  order and make people feel more at ease. 

Deadline Detroit went to Greektown on a recent Saturday night, just as the Tigers' game had let out.  A few days later, we returned during the day to talk to business owners.

Watch our four-and-a-half-minute report by photojournalist Michael Lucido and reporter Allan Lengel:  

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