Roseville Man Who Stole Flag Plans to Plead Guilty in Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

November 15, 2021, 5:39 AM by  Allan Lengel

Bobby Schornak, left, and Daniel Herendeen, right (Photo: FBI)

Bobby Schornak of Roseville is expected to plead guilty to remaining in a restricted building on Jan. 6 during the U.S. Capitol riot, according to a court document.

The charge carries a penalty of up to one year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

A proposed plea agreement, filed in U.S. District Court in D.C. on Friday, stipulates that Schornak, 39, has to let investigators see all his social media accounts and be intereviewed about Jan. 6. Schornak is a manager at a Macomb County debt-settlement services company.

He was charged in March along with Daniel Herendeen, 43, of Chesterfield Township.

According to government court documents, Schornak on Dec. 29 sent a message to his brother stating: "We're obviously going next week, we can't stay home n watch our republic be stolen. They want a fight let's have it."

Before the rally, he messaged someone on Facebook and said: "I'm going to D.C. on the 6th and I don't expect to be peaceful." 

He went to the capitol wearing a military-style tactical vest and helmet and carried a bullhorn, according to a court filing.

At about 2:36 p.m. he was in the Crypt Lobby east area of the Capitol holding an American flag. In a text message he admitted taking a flag from the capitol.

He later sent a text to his brother: "We stormed that bitch!! Shit was crazy as fuck!!"

He also sent his brother a video from the capitol. His brother responded: "Don't share on social media yet. Possible government trolls looking to bring charges to anyone inside."

Schornak replied: "Yeah I'll save it for friends n family. I stole the Senate flag and took it outside to be waved...atop the scaffolding before I collapsed, tear gas is no joke."

He also sent a message to another person: "We stormed the Capital!! (sic) Wait until you see it!!...Yeah, when the government fears the people there's liberty, when people fear the government there's tyranny, they were scared today, and I'm damn proud of it. The Capital (sic) has never been breached before, we did it. "

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