Nearly 700 Ford Hospital System Workers Test Positive for Covid in Past Week

January 04, 2022, 2:17 PM

Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit

The Covid virus is infecting scores of healthcare workers in Metro Detroit. 

Henry Ford Health System reports that 686 employees, about 2 percent of its workforce, tested positive for the menacing virus over the last seven days. 

The Detroit News reports:

The five-hospital system's emergency rooms are "extremely busy," monoclonal antibody treatments are scarce and 97 beds have had to be closed because of staffing shortages, said Dr. Adnan Munkarah, executive vice president and chief clinical officer for the hospital system.

The 97 beds closed across three hospitals represent about 5% of the total 2,000 beds across the hospital system. Staffing shortages plagued Henry Ford and other Michigan health systems before the pandemic but Covid-19 has exacerbated them.

At Beaumont Health's eight-hospital network, 425 workers are in Covid-related quarantine, reports Crain's Detroit Business. It adds:

More than 4 percent of Trinity Health Michigan's 24,000 employees were quarantined away from work Monday.

The 966 quarantined employees are either confirmed to have Covid-19 or are suspected to have contracted the coronavirus.

Michigan healthcare executives brace for a troubling January as the very contagious Omicron virus spreads. They urge more people to get vaccinated and boosted, saying the shots will prevent many from being hospitalized or dying. 

Here is Tuesday's 36-minute press conference from Ford:

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