Some Michigan Republican Candidates Face Tough Question: Do I Attend Trump Rally in Macomb?

March 27, 2022, 8:55 AM


For some Michigan Republican canididates the likely answer is: Yes, I'll attend the Macomb rally on April 2 with ex-President Donald Trump. For others, the answer isn't so simple.  

Reports Todd Spangler of the Detroit Free Press:

"It’s a tough decision,” said John Truscott, a lifelong Republican and Lansing-based consultant who served as spokesman to former Gov. John Engler.

On the one hand, Trump — as well as the candidates he has endorsed, Matthew DePerno for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state, neither of whom has won elected office before — are virtually certain to continue to press their still-unproven and conspiratorial claims of election fraud that have been dismissed by courts and debunked by a legislative investigation led by members of their own party.

If you're a candidate in what's shaping up as a tough race, though, do you want to be associated with that continuing look back at 2020 — or Trump's or the others' attacks on other Republicans — given how that may turn off more mainstream voters in swing districts?

On the other hand, said Truscott, if you don't go, you face another risk with Trump. "If you don’t toe his line 100%, he will turn on you.” And his base could, theoretically, turn on you as well — which no Republican wants.

None of the candidates the Freep contacted said whether they expect to be at the Washington Township event at Michigan Stars Sports Center, including congressional hopeful John James, backed by Trump when he twice ran for U.S. Senate. 


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