Video: Al Roker Ribs WDIV's Evrod Cassimy in Detroit

June 29, 2022, 11:00 PM

Evrod Cassimy, Al Roker and Rhonda Walker

Before appearing Wednesday on NBC's "Today" show from Detroit, Al Roker had some fun joshing WDIV anchor Evrod Cassimy.

Roker was live just after 6:30 a.m. from the Detroit RiverWalk with WDIV's Rhonda Walker. Back in the downtown studio, Cassimy introduced Roker and Walker, saying: "Good to see both of you." 

"He doesn't sound very joyful," Roker joked, to which Walker said: "I think he might be jealous" -- presumably about hanging with Roker.

Later, Roker said to Walker: "I'm excited to see you in person. I noticed Evrod didn't come down."

"You don't want help a brother out?" Roker said to Cassimy. "You don't want to come down and hang out?"

"Here's the thing," Cassimy replied. "I'm here to handle all the big news of the day, and Al, I'll be stopping by to see you a little bit later. We can hang out."

"I'm not the big news of the day?" Roker quipped. 

Roker was also in Detroit to visit two Coney Islands for his show, "Family Style with Al Roker."

"I love Detroit," the network weathercaster said.

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