Michigan GOP Candidate Matthew DePerno Selling 'Lock Whitmer & Nessel Up' Bumper Stickers. AG Nessel Responds.

August 06, 2022, 7:00 AM by  Allan Lengel

You might recall during the 2016 president campaign, Donald Trump suggested Hillary Clinton be locked up. His fans at rallies adamantly agreed, chanting ""Lock her up!"

Now, Republican attorney general candidate Matthew DePerno has become Trump's Mini-Me in Michigan. He pushes the"Big Lie," and is selling bumper stickers on his campaign page that say: "Lock Whitmer & Nessel Up." A set of two 9''x3'' stickers go for $12. 

Nessel responded on Twitter:

I understand these are strange times, but running to be the state’s top law enforcement official on a platform pledging to “lock up” one’s political opponents is beneath the dignity of the state of Michigan and a violation of the prosecutorial code of ethics.

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