So It Comes To This: 'Save Detroit' Kickstarter Campaign Is Hilarious

January 29, 2013, 3:53 PM

You know that moment when something satirical hits just a little too close to home? 

If you don't, watch this video for the "Save Detroit" Kickstarter campaign in which Earnest White Girl explains how she and some "really talented people" have spent two years trying to save Detroit. They're work to is "almost complete," but they need some help to finish the job. Because Detroit is out of money.

That's where you and your generous donation to the $500,000,000 Save Detroit Kickstarter comes in.

Earnest White Girl explains that "for $10,000 we will name one of Detroit's overcrowded classrooms of 52 students with just 32 chairs after you, or a person of your choosing."

This is obviously a joke. That should go without saying, except this video is so well done and so on point that it would be easy to mistake it for an actual solicitation. 

In truth, the video is a pitch for an actual Kickstarter campaign but they aren't attempting to raise $500,000,000 to eliminate the city's budget deficit, turn on street lights, or "finally erect that Robocop statue." Instead, they're looking for $15,000 to fund a comedic, Detroit-based web series. 

Based on this video, it sounds like a good investment. Even if you don't get your own private overcrowded classroom. -- JTW

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