Colbert: Belle Isle Tax Haven Is Just What Detroit Needs

February 20, 2013, 3:39 PM

Stephen Colbert took aim Tuesday night at the plan that was floated last month by conservative Republicans to transform Belle Isle into a lavish tax haven after the island park was purchased from th city for $1 billion.

The brainchild of Oakland County businessman Rod Lockwood, whom Colbert called "the doubly named porn star Rod Lockwood," the Belle Isle project, which few people in metro Detroit took seriously, could be the right thing for the city, Colbert said.

"'Belle' means 'beautiful,' and 'Isle' means 'not connected to Detroit," Colbert said.

The plan "could greatly help Detroit," said Colbert, "because what the city needs is a pristine, private island they can see from their post-industrial hellscape."

The Belle Isle portion of the video begins at the 4:52 mark.

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