Finley: EM Critic Mike Duggan 'Is On A Tightrope' Between Voters And Business Donors

March 31, 2013, 7:33 AM

Mike Duggan: "It is tricky."

Mayoral candidate Mike Duggan has a balancing act that "is tricky" whenever he talks about Detroit's emergency manager, he acknowledges to The Detroit News; editorial page editor, Nolan Finley.

 Here's how Finley describes the tiptoeing challenge:

He has to keep up enough anti-EM chatter to soothe Detroit voters, but not so much that his business buddies think he's walked off the dock. . . .

The folks with the fat checkbooks are solidly behind Snyder's move. . . .

The former Detroit Medical Center CEO is on a tightrope. If he goes whole hog behind Kevyn Orr, which is where his business supporters are, he adds to the suspicion that he's a tool for the takeover of the city.

Duggan's tactic is to say that if elected, he'll work to convince Gov. Rick Snyder to let him take charge of Detroit's financial turnaround. "There's nothing the emergency manager can do that the right mayor can't do," he tells Finley, who concludes:

Conveying that message in a way that doesn't spook a business community with no interest in more turmoil at City Hall will be a tough balancing act.

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