Karen Dumas on Pugh: 'Kids Are Off Limits to Any Kind of Exploitation'

June 27, 2013, 10:45 PM by  Allan Lengel


Karen Dumas, a former member of Mayor Dave Bing's administration, weighs in on the Charles Pugh controversy, saying "he can't hide forever."

She also expresses hope that his abrupt disappearance doesn't signal a state of mind that could put the council president at risk of self-harm. "The longer he is missing, the more I fear for his safety at his own hands," she posts on Facebook. 

Dumas, a public relations executive who was chief of communications and external affairs for Bing, shares the following thoughts online Thursday night. By this morning, her post earned 260 "likes" and 96 comments from Facebook friends.

I've been reading and hearing endless comments about Charles Pugh for a little more than 24 hours now, and want to say this:

1) For all of those who keep saying they knew or suspected any illicit behavior on his part and didn't speak up, you are just as guilty of that which he is being accused.

2) I don't care about him being gay. But, kids are off limits to any kind of exploitation or abuse. Period.

3) People should stop being blinded and influenced by the appearance of celebrity.

4) The longer he is missing, the more I fear for his safety at his own hands. He can't hide forever.

On Thursday, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr stripped Pugh of his salary and authority. Pugh has been AWOL and his whereabouts are unknown.

A lawyer representing the mother of an 18-year-old Detroiter mentored by Pugh say he gave the teen gifts and may have had an inappropriate relationship with him.

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