Oak Park To Party Like It's 1933, Allow Beer In Restaurants

July 16, 2013, 7:33 AM

After prohibition was finally repealed in 1933, a few dusty and rustic counties continued to ban alcohol within their jurisdiction so as to protect the children from the demon rum. Dry counties are also advantageous for corrupt politicians and police in that they usually have no shortage of bootleggers willing to pay good money if said pols and cops ignore their operations.

Turns out, such backward thinking isn't just limited to just backwoods outposts. Temperance has apparently held strong in Detroit suburb of Oak Park, where restaurants were forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages. That may soon change as the Oakland County community will allow -- gasp -- beer and wine service! 

Daily Tribune: Oak Park has missed out on attracting patrons and restaurants because of its longtime alcohol ban, Tungate has said. Most restaurants in Oak Park close in the early evening while nighttime customers head for nearby cities such as Royal Oak, Ferndale and Berkley others where they can have a drink with meals.

“This is a is a courageous step forward toward a vibrant future for the city,” [Mayor Marian] McClellan said after the council voted 3-1, with one absent council member, to approve tavern licenses.

How are you gonna keep up down on the farm after they've seen the lights of gay Berkley, er Oak Park?

The town's Carrie Nation-set needn't be overcome with the vapors. Booze-by-the-glass rules still prohibit the sale and consumption of spirituous liquors.

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