In an Ailing City, Detroit's Chrysler Plant is Booming

July 16, 2013, 9:22 AM

With all the gloomy news coming out of Detroit these days about a likely bankruptcy and dwindling services, some outsiders might be hard pressed to imagine the city having any thriving industry.

But New York Times correspondent Bill Vlasic shines the light on Chrysler's Jefferson North  plant on Detroit’s tattered east side  where more than 4,600 workers help make the very profitable Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Vlasic writes:

The plant, painted white and surrounded by a fence topped with barbed wire, generates about $2 billion in annual profits and is a huge contributor to the health of Chrysler, the nation’s third-largest automaker, and Fiat, its Italian parent company.

For a city on the brink of bankruptcy and an American auto industry that many had written off, Jefferson North’s revival has become a symbol that Detroit’s seemingly endless downward spiral can be reversed.

The profits and productivity of the plant put it up there in the world.

Vlasic writes:

The profits and productivity at Jefferson North would put it on par with the most efficient luxury car plants in Germany and the best factories operated by Japanese automakers in the southern United States.

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