Southfield 'Rapper' Offers Anti-Detroit Video As 'Parody'

July 16, 2013, 3:41 PM

A new song about Detroit is "fun for the whole family," according to artist MC Sampler.

The song opens with a friendly, "F*** you, Detroit, yeah I said it," so "fun" and "family" may be loosely defined.

MC Sampler, who hails from Southfield, hates Detroit because it "fell in a toilet." He hates it enough that he penned this verse:

"Detroit Fist? shove is up your a$$ shitty,
F**k the 313, 248's the best
In the 313 you always wind up dead,
F**k U Coleman, Conyers, Kilpatrick
Ask me? You all make me sick
Detroit Coney Islands give me a break!
I'd rather put mustard on Kwayme's snake
Commit a crime, police don't come
Why would I visit? It's a f***in slum
Welcome to Detroit City,
I stay in S-field where that shit is pretty"

The one-hit wonder known for the parody song "Baby Got Jack," is now an entertainment marketer who says he's worked with Howard Stern. This is his first original song.

The artist, who started rapping in 1991 on a dare, wrote the song because "most people want to just say positive things about Detroit" (except for herehere, here and here).

He later stated, "Nobody is uplifting it and supporting Detroit" (except for here, here, here and here).

"Basically it's like an ironic love song to the city of Detroit about the common frustrations that everyone has. People might say in the suburbs that they love Detroit, but people hate Detroit in real life."

"Real life" seems a little dull for MC Sampler, who's bleeped-out version of the song on YouTube has had 17 views (3 of them from me) as of writing since the video was posted June 25.

"It's so under the radar right people don't even know what's going on," MC Sampler assures.

What a scoop! Here's the clean version, in case you're seeking some family fun. The un-edited version can be found here. It currently has 335 views.

MC Sampler explains that the song is of the "comedic serious" genre. "I'm sort of turning from Weird Al to something more legit," he says. It's purposefully crass but also takes a refined taste to understand -- you probably just don't get it.

MC Sampler expects his critics will "just see that it's slamming Detroit. They won't read between the lines."

"What exactly is between the lines?" I ask. "What's the joke?"

"The joke is that someone cares. Why would somebody hate a city that much? Because there's some kind of betrayal. Love is often equated with hatred. Why would you hate your ex-boyfriend? Because you loved them at one point."

"I heard a comedian the other day call Southfield 'Detroit Heights,'" he adds. "I guess the joke's on me because I'm really in Detroit. I'm slamming myself!"

"I'm a bit confused," I admit to MC Sampler. So far I have learned that Detroit is my ex-boyfriend, is comparable to fecal matter, and is both helicopter-momed and completely neglected.

"It's good your confused!" MC Sampler responds. "It's like a Trojan horse! Wait. Maybe that's not the right expression. It's not what it seems."

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