Detroit Fish Farm and Shipping Container House Robbed

July 17, 2013, 6:13 AM

Food Field, the urban farm famous for its shipping container house and upcoming fish farm near Detroit's Boston Edison neighborhood, was burglarized Monday night.

A post of Food Field's Facebook page reads: 

Missing: generator, DR mower, 2 chainsaws, oil & gas, toolbox and tools, power tool set, shovels, rake, water key, hydrant adapter, 2 tractor batteries & charger, gloves, hand tools, levels, radio and more. Got any of these items to spare? You'll be a hero

Food Field co-founder Noah Link says he estimates the farm ist about $2,000 in the hole.

The farm is hoping that the incident won't set back the farm's schedule too much. None of the farm's animals (chickens, ducks, and a dog) were impacted, but the lost equipment will likely make planting and harvesting more difficult.

Solar panels necessary to run the fish farm are scheduled to be installed next week; fish will likely come a few weeks later.

"I'm not sure what's going to happen with our budget right now," Link said.

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