Quotations From Mayoral Write-In Candidate Mike Dugeon's Facebook Page

July 25, 2013, 3:39 PM

Mike Dugeon, a 30-year-old northwest Detroit barber with no known political experience, filed papers Thursday morning as a write-in candidate in the Aug. 6 mayoral primary.

His name is pronounced DUG-un, as in Mike Duggan

Dugeon, a Cooley High grad who went on to Michigan Barber School and cuts hair at Big D's Barbershop on Livernois, is widely seen as a potential spoiler to Mike Duggan’s write-in candidacy for mayor. City election rules allow voters to misspell a write-in candidate's name, but having two similarly named men could complicate things.

While Dugeon appears to have no discernible political ideas, he has left a trail of wisdom on his personal Facebook page. (A separate Dugeon For Detroit campaign page, created Thursday, has 3,233 followers already.)

Excerpts from the Michael Thaddeus Dugeon page follow, as they were written by Dugeon:

* People got a problem wit me being me, but fuck em.......

* If u ain't genuinely out for my best interest nigga/bitch don't even look my fuckin way again I'm done wit u vampires...

* A real friend tell u the shit u not tryin to hear.

* We gotta stop putting each other down and live life like in the momentbecause u never know what moment will be ur last..we gotta stop being so shallow ....

* Damn it feel good to know ur fam and some friends ginuinely got love for a nigga, I love yaw and wouldn't have it no other way..

* Get yo shit rite! and the rest is easy my dudes.stop listening to liars ladys.

* Why do people lie for no reason but to keep the conversation goin..every bossy ass nigga /bitch on fb I see on the streets be broke bullshittas..THIS SHIT GOTTA STOP.....

* Wat do the lonely do for Christmas???

* If u continue to fuck wit ur haters u gotta question yourself..

* Ambition is priceless!!

* I always love my mama she's my favorite girl...only get one u only get one yeah.....

* The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources..

* If someone starts a sentence off with "I ain't go lie " do that mean they lie most of the time?

* I guess u never know how strong u are til being strong is ur only option....

* People would be a lot happier if they stop judging other people and focus on they issues..

* Never settle for what comes easy,be patient and persistent for what u want.

* I just saw a custo knock another custo smooth out..lol.smh.

* A room, some cush,and coconut ciroc 125.having my way on the first night,priceless... lol..

* Its funny how some glasses and clothes can fool a smart dummy.

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