Baseball Fans In City With Burning River Notice Detroit Is Bankrupt

August 08, 2013, 9:45 AM

Cleveland is so adorable. They love their sports teams so, But those teams just don't love them back. The Browns moved to Baltimore and won two Super Bowls as the Ravens, while the replacement Browns remain subpar. Lebron James' free agency signing with Miami sent Cleveland into a tailspin culminating with their sad attempt to claim the 2011 Dallas Mavericks' championship as their own. Then, there's the Indians. They haven't won a World Series since the 1940s. Also, Jose Mesa and the 1997 World Series.

So desperate is Cleveland to bolster its sports culture's self-esteem that Indian fans began chanting "De-troit's bank-rupt" during last night's Tigers-Indians game at whatever they're calling Jacob's Field now. 

And, yeah, Detroit is bankrupt. All is fair in smack talk and war. At the same time, Cleveland is also the city that set its river on fire.

Whatever C-town. Also, the Tigers took their third straight from you guys last night in an extra-innings come-from-behind victory, so, you know, scoreboard.


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