Kerry Bentivolio Promises Hearing On Chemtrail Conspiracy

September 10, 2013, 9:02 AM

Michigan Congressman Kerry Bentivolio is concerned that the government might be spraying mind-altering drugs and/or toxins into the sky with chemtrails from jets, so he's going to hold a hearing on the matter in his district.

Macomb Daily: When he was hit with a series of questions at the Birmingham GOP event by chemtrails-true believers in the audience, the Milford Republican initially said the theory lacked proof.

Then, he backpedaled and said he will hold a hearing in his district on the so-called issue, according to a video recording of the event.

The chemtrail theory, for those of you who don't speak crazy, asserts that some nefarious force (the government, the Trilaterial Commission, the Bildeberger Group, the communists, the bankers, corporate interests, or possibly all of them together) have spiked jet plane contrails--airplane exhaust, in lay terms--with chemicals designed to do, well, something. And it's bad. 

Scientists have thoroughly and repeatedly debunked this theory, but it persists because maybe all the scientists are part of the conspiracy. Of course, they are.

Chemtrails, like FEMA is building concentration camps, vaccines cause autism, juice boxes make you gay, and 9/11 was a government plot, is one of those paranoid claims that can be believed only if you're an idiot. Apparently idiots have become (like teachers or small business people) a politically viable force, so it seems like they'll get their own special hearing courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.



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