No One Wants Downtown-Airport Shuttle, Says Airport

September 17, 2013, 6:44 AM

The Detroit News reports that downtown hotels are pushing for a new shuttle service between the city and the airport, but the Wayne County Airport Authority, which runs Detroit Metro Airport, simply doesn't see the need.

Detroit News: But the Wayne County Airport Authority, which runs Detroit Metro, says the interest among businesses to provide the service isn’t there. The authority did not receive one response when it put out a request for information to gauge desire among shuttle providers to restart the service. The deadline to respond was last week.

This is the same bunch, of course, that hired Turkia Mullin and long treated the airport as a honey pot for the Wayne County oligarchy

So, not surprisingly, Wayne State researchers looked at the situation and drew the opposite results.

Detroit News: A study commissioned by the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau measured the feasibility of a private shuttle service in a region devoid of mass transit options and showed the city’s hotel occupancy rates have been rising and the demand for a shuttle service is there.

“Downtown Detroit is now capable of supporting a range of alternative transportation services to the airport,” wrote Robin Boyle, head of the Urban Studies and Planning Department at Wayne State University.

Still, airport officials are pleading ignorant: “May there be a demand? Absolutely. But there also may not be. We don’t presume to know,” airport spokesman Scott Winter told the News.

Well, here's a thought so crazy it might just work: Stop treating the airport transportation as a command economy fiefdom limited to contractors in business to do business with the government. Just let anyone licensed to carry passengers do so to and from the airport--without charging an absurd business tax for using public freeways to access a public facility--and see what happens.

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