Video: In Deer-Trooper Standoff, Only The One With A Gun Survives

November 20, 2013, 8:29 AM by  Alan Stamm

It's an unusual stare-down from the start: Two troopers in a car versus a stunned deer at a gas station.

It ends in a way that draws attention on YouTube and that prompts a Michigan State Police investigation.

Troopers initially try to nudge the animal out of the gas station driveway by flashing their patrol car lights and driving slowly towards it. When the deer, apparently hurt earlier, doesn't budge, a trooper unholsters his sidearm and executes it at point-blank range with a head shot at the 47-second point of the video below.

That video exceeds 16,700 views in two days. It reportedly was made by a bystander identified as Andy P. in a longer version posted Saturday,

There's no information about when or where the incident occurred -- details the force is looking into, Andrea Isom reports on Fox 2 Detroit.

Lt. Mike Shaw tells Fox 2 the deer was injured and could have darted out into the roadway and caused a traffic accident.

MSP is investigating where the incident happened and which troopers are involved. Shaw says at this point in the investigation the troopers do not appear to have done anything unlawful.

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