Midtown Will Get A New Sculpture That's A Real Turn-On

November 20, 2013, 4:40 PM

Students at Lawrence Technological University's College of Architecture and Design are working on a light sculpture to be installed on the southwest corner of W. Canfield and Cass in Midtown.

The sculpture has a name: "Night Light Detroit."

The students, who have named themselves Larry and Friends Design Co, have been working all semester on creating concepts for the sculpture, as well as seeking out fundraising for the project.

Given the problems with streetlights in Detroit, the students chose to create a large source of light on a vacant lot.  

Midtown Inc. provided  a $5,000 grant, which will allow the project to continue.

The students will debut the sculpture at Midtown’s 41st Noel Night Dec. 7.

“This class has given us an opportunity to work on something that no other class has ever given us, we can work with an actual client to make something that will have a community impact,” said Meredith Harper, a student in Professor Steven Coy’s sculpture class. 

The power source was originally going to solar. But the students had to adjust and go old-school.

"Unfortunately, solar power decreases the lifespan of the sculpture and would not be sufficient during winter months," Harper said.

"We have an agreement with a nearby building to hard wire our sculpture to their building."

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