Video: Local Pizza Firm's 'Epic Split' Spoof Features Onion And Cheese

November 23, 2013, 9:45 AM

There's no shortage of clips paying homage to (OK, ridiculing) Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “most epic of splits” for Volvo. Amusing examples are here, here and here.

Only one, however, is by a Metro Detroit pizza peddler and shows a balancing act on onion and Parmesan cheese vehicles with toy Dulpo Wheels.

Tanya Wildt, a Free Press web producer, shares the video above with these details:

Like the Volvo ad, Hungry Howie’s has a heavily accented voice and Enya music in the background. . . . The video was created by DBA Worldwide, Hungry Howie’s Rochester-based ad agency  

-- Alan Stamm

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