5+ Incredible Things To Do In Detroit This Weekend

January 12, 2014, 6:48 AM

Celebrate Detroit Film Theater

The theater inside the DIA is celebrating 40 years of artsy films by showing movies for their 1974 prices -- $2. 

Check out the long list of options right here.


Get To Know The People Mover

The Detroit Historical Museum is playing a flick on Saturday that documents the public art found at each People Mover station. The museum is free, but you might as well spend 75 cents and ride the people move in a circle when you're done.

See it Saturday at 1PM.

Embrace The Vortex!

This is Michigan, after all. Plymouth will be showcasing 100 ice sculptures this weekend, with live ice carving competitions. Shops and restaurants will also be entertaining the masses. 

See the schedule here.

Escape The Vortex!

It's positively balmy inside the conservatory on Belle Isle all year. Remember what it's like in a desert or jungle by hanging out in the exhibits in this fantastical greenhouse. 

It's open from 10AM to 5PM all weekend.

Eat An Alley Taco

A taco shop has been stealthily developing inside Marcus Market on Cass and Second. Descriptively named Alley Taco, the eatery had a soft opening recently. Eater Detroit has photos of the transformation.

Stop by Marcus Market or check their Facebook to see if they're open.


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