Video: Stuff Detroiters Rarely Say

February 26, 2014, 2:04 PM by  Alan Stamm

Right now we can use Detroit-spoofing, amirite?

Director of photography Will Clarke of Southfield gives the video a professional look.

In the spirit of laughing at ourselves and our neighbors, director-writer Larry Nilan has a short diversion from single-digit temps, distressed city finances and car-chewing potholes.

Winter, bankruptcy and roads aren't among the targets in 24 short bits staged by seven young actors in "Stuff You Rarely Hear in the D," a four-minute-plus video posted this week (watch below).


  • "I wish the Dream Cruise could be every day."
  • "Mayors come and go, but at least we have the steady leadership of the city council."

It's more semi-cute than LOL clever, as you see, but is slickly shot indoors and outside by Will Clarke, an experienced Southfield camera operator and director of photography.

Quick-quip targets include the Motown Museum, Greektown, the People Mover, Pine Knob parking traffic, Auburn Hills, boastful UM grads and Birmingham bar-going men of a certain age.

The perky cast members are Rob Dorton, Paris Jones, Sheri Manfre, Maria Mannor, Ian Minicuci, Pete Podolski and Tara Tomscik.       

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