No Surprise: Detroit Listed as Most Segregated City in America

March 26, 2014, 10:49 PM by  Danny Fenster


It comes as no surprise. Still, it's something the Metro Detroit area can't be proud of.

The website, Atlanta Black Star, reports that Detroit topped the list of  the country's most segregated cities, based on work by academics at Brown University and Florida State University.
The website writes:
Detroit is the most segregated city in United States with a black-white dissimilarity score of 79.6.  Detroit’s inner city is almost all Black, beside a little Hispanic community in the southwest called “Mexicantown.” Whites mostly stick to the suburbs like Grosse Pointe, Dearborn and Ferndale.
Milwaukee is second, followed by New York. 
A map on the site, based on 2010 Census data, shows the geographic spread of different ethnic and racial groups in various cities, and the lines drawn in Detroit are stark: a perfect lines runs along much of Eight Mile Rd., separating almost all blue dots to the south (representing African American residents) from almost all red dots to the north (representing white residents). 
One reader, Larry D. Brooks, apparently a Detroiter, who lists his occupation as  a fixed route operator for the SMART bus system, wrote in the comment section of the story:
 Born and raised here, love my city , those that don't we have four exits to choose from (8 Mile, Telegraph, Cadieux, and the Detroit River.
 -- Danny Fenster

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