Anti-Motor City Muckraker Posters Pop Up Around Detroit

March 27, 2014, 8:22 AM


Journalist Steve Neavling, who runs the website Motor City Muckraker, has ruffled many feathers.

Neavling has exposed taggers who have spread graffiti all around town. Some see it as art. Neavling has written that the vandals are defacing the city.

Some folks unhappy witih Neavling's reporting strike back by putting up "Wanted" posters with his photo and words including "journalist imposter.' Neavling tells Deadline Detroit that he hears at least five or six are posted around the city. 

Neavling writes on his Facebook page:

There's a saying that you don't mess with someone who buys ink by the barrel. FSL (Few Screws Loose) and DNR Ranger Frank Toarmina created this sticker/wheat paste and posted it around Detroit because I wrote a story about them defacing public property. In fact, they are among the most egregious vandals in the city.

I must admit I like it. But they misspelled "integrity." Now it's time to share the names and faces behind the vandals. We'll start with Frank Toarmina, a tax-funded DNR employee.  

-- A.L.

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