Was Charles Pugh out-of-line to complain about Free Press quotes?

April 27, 2012, 6:00 AM

Neavling’s dismissal from the Free Press was controversial, including the role of Pugh’s complaint in the decision, but that’s a matter for the Freep and Neavling, through his union representatives, to sort out.

For the general public, it’s more important to wonder why the City Council President thought he could bend the Free Press to his will with this bush league stunt. “As a former journalist,” (his words) Pugh should know better.

Hopefully, whatever the full story behind Neavling’s firing, it had nothing to do with these complaints. You’d like to believe a news organization that put so much on the line to report the Kilpatrick scandals would've tossed Pugh’s letter on the compost pile—where it belongs.

Pugh Letter

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