Josh Turner Brings Country to Motown

Josh Turner is no stranger to the country genre.

Since coming onto the scene nearly a decade ago, he has sold more than 5 million albums and had four #1 singles, making him one of the top selling artists in country music.

Turner, 37, a South Carolina native, recently released his new single “Lay Low” from his upcoming album.

On Thursday night, Turner joins several other country legends like Randy Houser and Big and Rich at 99.5 WYCD’s Ten Man Jam at the Filmore Detroit on Woodward Avenue, downtown. 

We talked to Turner.

DD: Why do you choose to do acoustic events like the 99.5 WYCD Ten Man Jam?

JT: It’s funny because I spent my whole childhood dreaming of being a country singer, having a band, having a bus, traveling the country and playing big shows. Then when I got into the business, these acoustic shows kept popping up that people wanted me to play. I kept thinking, “Why would they want me to go out there with a couple of guitars?” I came to the realization that most of what the fans hear is the full band with the full production. They never hear their favorite songs stripped down. When they get to hear their favorite artist singing their favorite song with just a couple guitars, it’s really cool to them. So, this is for the fans.

DD: Going into an acoustic jam, how do you prepare?

JT: At this point, I’ve been around long enough to know what to expect. I have a couple guys that I use on these acoustic shows. We go in and try to figure out how the station has it set up, whether it’s one person at a time or all of us on the stage taking turns. A lot of preparation isn’t required. You figure it out once you figure out how the flow of the show is going to be. 

DD: Tell me a little bit about the Josh Turner Scholarship Program

JT: It’s a fund that my wife and I set up in 2005. It’s geared toward high school seniors who have a passion for music or art and want to pursue a career in those fields, but may or may not have the resources or the opportunities to go to the college of their choice. It’s a way for me to support those specific students in those rural schools that don’t have the music and art programs that they need to be a foundation for their college career. It’s been really cool to watch this grow. It’s fun to see young people benefit from it.

DD: You’ve had a very successful career. What’s the coolest experience that you’ve had so far?

JT: I have a laundry list of cool things that I’ve experienced. The biggest one has been being able to collaborate with my heroes like Randy Travis. It’s been a dream come true. Being able to sing for the president or when we get to go to a military base and play for our troops, is always a really cool thing. Just making records period is one of the most gratifying things that I’ve been able to do. I’ve dreamed and looked forward to doing this my whole life. When you finally get that record in your hand that you’ve slaved over for months, if not years, it’s really cool.

DD: Going forward, do you have any goals that you’re focused on?

JT: Honestly, it’s just continuing to make great music. I’m in that mode now where I’m constantly looking for great songs. I’m constantly trying to write great songs. I’m constantly trying to figure out how to stay relevant and evolve in the ever-changing climate of country radio. I want to continue being a player in the game and keep my fans happy, interested and excited.

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