Flint Mayor Dismisses Gov. Snyder's Claim the Water Is Safe to Drink

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver (file photo)

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver isn't buying Gov. Rick Snyder's latest claim that the water is finally safe to drink and is pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to run new tests as she fights for more funding , reports Charlie Langton of Fox 2.

"I'm not going to tell anybody to drink the water without a filter," Weaver says.  

The mayor is also angry that Snyder will not allow nearly 20,000 Flint water customers to receive the 65% credit on their water bills that they had been receiving since last year because the water was not safe.

"I feel disappointed. We were told that the credit would continue until March 31st or when the water met certain standards.", said Weaver.


Read more:  Fox 2

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