Family of Teen Who Crashed into Good Samaritans Overwhelmed by Kindness

From serious tragedy comes some touching kindness.

Last week, 17-year-old Keith Martin, crashed into two good Samaritans who had stopped on I-96 near the Davison Freeway to help people inside a flipped Jeep. One of those helpers, Dr. Cynthia Ray, a lung doctor at Ford Hospital in Detroit, died. The other, Sean English, 17, a student at U of D Jesuit High School, suffered two broken legs and a crushed pelvis. Part of his foot was amputated. 

Keith Martin

Martin, who is hospitalized, suffered brain bleeds, a fracture in his spine and a broken neck. The people in the Jeep ended up being fine. 

Martin's younger sister, Kayla, tweets about a special visit at the hospital: 

"I'm overwhelmed with the amount of respect I feel towards the student of U of D Jesuit High School. My family just received the best gift of all. Four students from Sean English's high school, Matthew Lowe, Kevin Begic, Matthew Toma and Ian Mulhern didn't just bring flowers when they came to visit. They brought support, respect, forgiveness, and prayers with them.

"Thank you to the U of D Jesuit Student Council for this amazing gift." 

Sean English

In a message, Kayla Martin of Dearborn Heights tells Deadline Detroit:

My family is very appreciative of how supportive Sean's family and school have been, and of course Sean himself. 

English also tweeted from his hospital bed: "Prayers go out to Keith."

Benefit pages are gathering donations for both Keith Martin and Sean English.

English's GoFundMe page has raised more than $54,300 from over 700 donors in five days, including $100 from former Gov. John Engler. More than $5,400 is given at Martin's page

The Martin family says toxicology reports show Keith was not intoxicated, contrary to some reports.

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