Garlin Gilchrist II Will Ask for Detroit Clerk's Race Recount

Garlin Gilchrist II

Garlin Gilchrist II thought the Detroit city elections weren't run very efficiently.

So he ran for office and lost on Nov. 7 by a 2-percent margin to incumbent Janice Winfrey. 

Gilchrist announced Tuesday he will seek a recount of all absentee ballots by Wednesday. He also may ask for a recount of other precincts, Chastity Pratt Dawsey of  Bridge Magazine reports

He said his goal isn't so much as to overturn the results as to ensure Detroit has a transparent voting process. Gilchrist said he made the decision after hearing from several residents that they had problems voting, including those who say they showed up at precincts and were told by workers they had already cast absentee ballots.

"It's critical that we trust our election system and especially as we go into the 2018 election cycle. Increasing trust in the process is key to increasing voter turnout," he announced at his campaign headquarters.

"Our campaign brought transparency and accountability to the forefront and a recount is the (extra) step in that process."

Read more:  Bridge Magazine

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