Freep: John Conyers' Demise 'Not a Victory for Anybody'

U.S. Rep. John Conyers' congressional career collapsed in just two weeks.

After five decades in Congress, the Detroit Democrat tumbled down as swiftly as other famous men accused credibly of sexually inappropriate behavior in recent months.


For Conyers, it started Nov. 20 with a BuzzFeed report of a former staffer's $27,000 settlement to keep silent about her allegations. Fifteen days later, he announces his immediate retirement.

A Detroit Free Press editorial headlined "A sad, but necessary, end to John Conyers' career," starts:

This is not a victory for anyone.

The resignation of Congressman John Conyers, who served metro Detroit for 53 years in Washington, is a tragedy.

A wasted end to a storied career, mostly spent fighting for justice and equality, keeping the flame alive in the long quest for civil rights.

And an ignominious collision of the congressman’s alleged inappropriate behavior — and the regrettable steps he took to conceal those allegations — with a culture that, finally, is waking to the horror of how prevalent and unacceptable are workplace sexual harassment and assault.

But this is necessary — and overdue.

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