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Immigrant Teacher Fired for Wearing Hijab, She Says; Told to 'Get a Job in Dearborn'

February 20, 2018, 7:50 AM

Amirah Mosed, a fifth-grade teacher at Allendale Elementary School in Melvindale, says in a lawsuit that she was fired for wearing a hijab, a head cover worn by some Muslim women.

The case against the district alleges that supervisors told Mosed last May to resign or get fired and to “get a job in Dearborn," reports Brian Abel of WXYZ. She allegedly also was told students aren't safe with her. She's originally from Yemen. 

"This is a woman who’s born in the U.S.," says David Nacht, an Ann Arbor employment law attorney representing her. "Who is very American and a wonderful teacher and just a great person with a sense of humor, a delightful human being." 

”Students loved her and she was written up and fired and it’s baloney. And its not America," the immigrant's lawyer adds.

Mosed's suit accuses the western Wayne County school system of discrimination and harassment on the basis of religion.



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