Michigan Gang Member Makes FBI's Most Wanted List

June 28, 2018, 8:43 AM by  Allan Lengel

Antwan Tamon Mims, a convicted felon and known member of the Gangster Disciples gang in Michigan, has been added to the FBI's most wanted fugitive list.

Mims is charged with murdering two men in front of dozens of witnesses at a house party on March 25 in Benton Harbor, in the western edge of Michigan.

Investigators believe Mims emerged from the house shortly after midnight and saw two men he believed had wronged his gang on a drug deal. He shot from the front door, hitting both men. Mims then “very calmly . . . walked up to the victims and put a bullet into their heads," says FBI agent Jeff Brown.

Bystanders told police that Mims “walked away as if nothing had happened,” Brown says in a release, which adds:

The killer’s apparent arrogance—gunning down the men in front of so many witnesses—came from the fact that he was an intimidating figure in the community and believed no one would talk to authorities for fear of violent reprisals.

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