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MSU's Compliance Officer Embarrassed by Response to Nassar Scandal

July 11, 2018, 7:38 AM Detroit Free Press

Nicholas Wittner (Linkedin photo)

Nicholas Wittner seems to be saying all the right things.

The new acting chief compliance officer of Michigan State University assures the Detroit Free Press that his job is to do the right thing and not care about the school's brand. 

“I am here to ensure compliance,” Nicholas Wittner tells David Jesse of the  Freep. “I’m not here to protect Michigan State’s brand as you call it.

"I'm a Spartan. My wife is a Spartan. I'm embarrassed (by the university's response to the sexual assault scandal involving Larry Nassar). I'm heartbroken (for the survivors). We can't have anything like that happen again. I will do everything in my authority to make sure it never happens again.... I have broad authority."

The school is trying to recover from the Nassar scandal as well as other sexual assault scandals and the insensitive response to victims from acting President John Engler. 

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