Video: Fowling Isn't Jim Harbaugh's Game, He Pretends on 'Detroiters'

August 09, 2018, 2:54 PM by  Alan Stamm

It's like an entertaining trick play at Michigan Stadium that works -- but starring the coach in a comedy show.

In a few "Detroiters" scenes with lines tonight, Jim Harbaugh throws a football and a tantrum. (A video is below.)

"It's totally different mechanics" than football, Jim Harbaugh says while doing poorly at fowling in Hamtramck. (Comedy Central photo)

"Harbaugh is pretty hilarious playing himself melting down at a charity event filmed at the Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck," Julie Hinds writes at the Free Press.

"Dang it!" yells Harbaugh as he misses the pins by a mile in this hybrid game of football and bowling. . . .

The Michigan coach blames the different mechanics of the sport. "You think LeBron James would be any good at Pop-a-Shot?" he complains. . . .

You'll need to watch the whole thing to find out how Harbaugh's lame aim affects ad men Sam and Tim's (Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson) quest to land Little Caesars as an account.

Other familiar faces tonight, besides cast regulars, are actor Carl Anthony Payne II (from "Martin"), sportswriter-author Mitch Albom and Ken Brown, his WJR co-host.

It's the next-to-last show of season two. No word yet on whether the buzz-generating comedy comes back in 2019.

Nielsen Company ratings show an average weekly real-time audience of about 270,000 so far this season -- which may sound high, but isn't. "Detroiters" averaged 366,000 per episode last year. 

In a timely message for network executives, a publicist retweets this noteworthy shout Wednesday:

Harbaugh also describes himself as a big fan, Hinds writes. "I wish them nothing but success," he tells the Freep.

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