Mixed Opinions: Fans Weigh in on the Firing of Mario Impemba and Rod Allen

October 10, 2018, 5:22 PM by  Allan Lengel

Mario Impemba (l) and Rod Allen

Fans are taking swings at Fox Sports Detroit's firing of longtime Tigers announcers Mario Impemba and Rod Allen, who were first removed from the air in September after a physical altercation following a game in Chicago. 

Opinions are mixed. Many voice regret, though a few welcome a change at the play-by-play microphones next season after 16 years of the same pairing. Some see an overreaction, while others speculate on who'll replace the pair.

Deadline Detroit's Facebook Page

Jeff Gruber: Rod sucked. I'll miss Mario a little.

John Palmer:  Dan Dickerson to TV, Mario to radio with Jim Price.

Steven Hauptman: As rebuilding seasons start for the tigers perfect time to bring in fresh TV  announcers/commentators.

Frank Ribitch: They were horrible from day one. I miss Kaline and Kell.

Gary Schneider: Bring back Mario !!! Rod and his mouth talking like he was the mvp of a championship team when he batted a Belushi .009. What a piece of shit .

Gregory A. Raffoul: I liked Mario that's too bad that emotions got the best of them. Love Gibby but I know he can't do a whole season because of his health affliction. But please don't make Sheppard full time announcer he puts me to sleep. Move Dickerson to TV and get a new radio guy.

Brian Parks: Mario was all right. Rod's total 27 Tiger at-bats should have made some actual former Tiger the color commentator.

Deadline Detroit's site

Nomad: I would like to see Dan Dickerson and Craig Monroe do the TV play by play next year.. I think they would make a great pair as both of them seem up beat.

SirCoffeeaLot: What a shame. Mario is a great all around Michigan guy and was a great Tigers broadcaster. I suspect that there's more to this story like these two were already not getting along with someone at Fox, either in management or in the talent. dept.

MrBeepo: I shudder to think of who the new play- by-play guy will be.

drbpor: RODvious was a hack anyway

mediabites:- Chicago brings out the violent streak in everyone. Blame the windy city.

Detroit News Readers:

Troy R. Vanderstelt: Finding a good play-by-play announcer is very difficult. Mario was pretty good, but the best I've heard in the Tigers booth was Josh Lewin. He was one of the too announcers for FOX Sports after he left Detroit. He's now on the Mets radio. I'd love to see them bring Josh Lewin back!

BBall Wiz : Easy solution: dual radio/TV broadcasts with Dan Dickinson as the primary play-by-play announcer with Price and bring in others as 3rd color man from time-to-time. Sheppard was terrible and had to force enthusiasm on plays that should be naturally exciting to witness and report on.

Gail Ruth:- If it’s Gibbs and Shepard next year, I won’t be watching.

Dave Sullivan: The last few years many a time they just "babbled" endless on & on, forgetting there was a ball game on.they missed plays, batters, got off the track far too many times. They didn't seem to care as long as they got the last word in--which usually was stupid babble!!!??? time for new!

WDIV follower:

Dave Stowell:- I would keep Mario, Allen was never in the game. Now is the time to get rid of GM Avilla!!!

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