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Video: Jennifer Lawrence Is Latest Celeb Backer of Michigan's Proposal 2

October 18, 2018, 8:57 AM by  Allan Lengel

Michigan's Proposal 2 attracts real star power.

On Saturday, as tens of thousands jam East Lansing for the Michigan-Michigan State football game, Arnold Schwarzenegger will host a rally there to promote the ballot proposal to transfer authority to draw voting district maps from the state legislature to an independent citizens' commission.

In addition, Oscar-winning actor Jennifer Lawrence has an online video promoting the measure. Lawrence, 28, of Los Angeles, is a board member of RepresentUs, a campaign against what it calls political corruption.

“The fact that Jennifer Lawrence is speaking up for Michigan voters shows just how important this initiative is,” Metro Detroit activist Emily Wietecha says in a release. “Michigan is really leading the way for the nation to unrig our system — we are pioneering a new wave of grassroots power to hold our elected officials accountable.”

On the oppposing side, a group called Promote My Vote has a radio ad claiming Prop 2 would give "a blank check" to the 13-member appointed commission and "cost you an insane amount of money."

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