Popular Mechanics Weighs In On Detroit: A Re-Imagined City in 2025

The year is 2025. 

Detroit, the poster child of the Great Recession, is emerging as a model of urban life.

At least, that is the vision of Popular Mechanics magzine.

 The transformation could be called a miracle but for the fact that the change was wrought by the very things that first made Detroit great: innovation, industriousness, and a will to win against all odds.

Some of the ingredients:

The daylighting, or unearthing, of Bloody Run and other creeks makes water key to a core redevelopment of 3500 acres.

Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biofuel production from urban forests greatly reduce dependence on an aging power grid.

Waterside paths and parks are used not only for play but also for commuting. They link neighborhoods and promote business development.

Agriculture becomes a small industry for Detroit. 

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