FBI shows up, adds to Sabree woes in Wayne County land-deals investigaiton

March 15, 2019, 1:04 PM

The Sabree family property-development mess is getting deeper by the day. Now the FBI is looking into it, The Detroit News reports.


As you might recall: Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree (right) acknowledges that a company run by his wife participated in the county tax-foreclosure sale, then neglected to pay taxes until reporters started looking into it. 

Now Christine MacDonald and Robert Snell report:

The FBI is looking into land deals by the family of Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree, including an allegation that interest and penalties were waived on his son's delinquent properties, The Detroit News has learned.

Investigators have contacted a former Sabree staff member who complained to human resources about suspicious activity on the accounts of Sabree family properties, according to two sources familiar with the federal review. They would only speak on the condition of anonymity.

Well, that's awkward. Sabree's lawyer said the details of the investigation, that the family underpaid $13,000 in taxes, was merely a mistake made by staff, and the bills were promptly paid once the mistake was discovered. Let's see whether the FBI accepts that explanation.

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