Video: Up-and-Comer Sada Baby Says Eminem Is Not Among Top 5 Rappers in Detroit

April 18, 2019, 3:21 PM

Sada Baby and Eminem

Let the dissing begin.

Sada Baby, aka "Skuba Steve," considered a rising Detroit rapper, insists Eminem is not among Detroit's five best rappers, dead or alive, though there's no denying his giant commercial success.

"No. Out of Detroit? Hell nah." he tells Say Cheese Tv in a video posted this past weekend on YouTube. "You talking about my Detroit?"

"I ain’t know we had trailer parks until I saw 8 Mile," Sada Baby said. "And I still don’t know nobody that know that nigga."

"The females don't know how to shake their ass to it," he says of Eminem's music.

He's asked if you ride through Detroit, will you hear anyone playing Eminem?

"Hell nah," he says. "Nah, not in Detroit." 

He has complimentary words for Big Sean, Blade Icewood, DeJ Loaf, Tee Grizzley, and oh yes, himself. 

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