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M.L. Elrick's Podcast: Farewell Interview with a Man Who Drank Beer at the Free Press for a Living

June 30, 2019, 12:54 PM

M.L. Elrick (left) and Bob Allen

Bob Allen likes beer, so it seemed only natural that he became beer critic for the Detroit Free Press.

Now he's leaving and headed to Colorado. M.L. Elrick, a Freep alumnus (2007-12), talked brews with the journalist on his weekly podcast, "ML's Soul of Detroit."

Allen is asked: What's one of the most unusual things you've seen someone put in beer?

The writer responds: "How about this one. This is Foster's Banana from Offside. recently released. it's a barrel aged imperial ale brewed with lactose aged in bourbon barrels with bananas, brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon."

Hear the podcast here and see an abbreviated version below. 

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