What Are Apartments Going for in Downtown and Midtown Detroit? Here's a Sampling

July 03, 2019, 5:18 PM

The Griswold is in the Capitol Park area.

Want to be one of the cool people living downtown or Midtown? You better be either rich or willing to pay a large portion of your salary as an office drone for the thrill of it all. The newer -- or rather, newly renovated -- buildings in Gilbertville have blown past the $2/square foot threshold.

Parking is not included, either. Nor is electricity, in some.

Which means you'll be paying more than a grand to live in a space only somewhat larger than Secretariat's box stall, but hey -- he was the greatest racehorse that ever lived, and you've got a MoGo dock right outside the door, so who's got it better?

Some Midtown buildings are cheaper, but are definitely $2/square foot-curious, shall we say. (Plus electricity.)

Center City Properties of Detroit sent an email Wednesday listing a number of rental units in Midtown and downtown Detroit. No surprise, many are not cheap.

Below, a sampling with monthly rents: 


 The Griswold: 1117 Griswold St., Apt 1209, 1 bedroom, 820 sq ft., $1,925 a month. Covered parking is an extra $225 and electricity isn't included. 

♦ The David Whitney: 1 Park Ave., Apt 1404, 1 bedroom, 638 sq ft., $1,475. Electricity not included. Parking options available. | Apt. 1309, 2 bedrooms, 1,273 sq ft., $2,900. Electricity extra. Parking options available.


♦ Brentwood: 487 Prentis St., Apt 105, 1 bedroom, 420 sq ft., $925. Electricity extra.

♦ The Milton: 132 W. Willis St., Apt 3W, 1 bedroom, 720 sq ft., $1,350. Electricity extra. Parking options.

♦ Kirby Center Lofts: 609 E. Kirby St., Apt 107, 1 bedroom 1.5 bath, 642 sq ft., $1,300.

♦ 55 Canfield: Studio, 835 sq ft., $1,550. Electricity extra.

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